April 6, 2018

Dropping Google

A brief note.  I'm dropping Google Ads from my web site for the foreseeable future.  In addition to controversies involving the company itself and their subsidiaries, there is a much more practical and direct issue here.

I had one Google ad set up on the left margin of the home page and all blog entries.  At one point, I got a solicitation from Google to allow ads for older viewers.  I accepted it as an experiment.  Unfortunately, this was not simply upscale desk toys, but also, more often than not, ads for Ashley Madison.

I've tried repeatedly to contact them to fix this.  Since I have gotten an error message on over a dozen occasions over the last two months when trying to set the parameters back to normal, I finally gave up and removed Google ads from the site entirely.  A company the size and sophistication of Google simply cannot have such poor access to key features unless they are blocking them on purpose.

If you want to support my work,  buy my little Kindle book on Amazon.  I'm planning some advances with the site in the near future, and the last thing I want in my site is to be associated in any way with Ashley Madison. If that's what Google AdSense wants, and they refuse to take no for an answer, then they can go perform that intimate service on themselves.

I realize this will not help my SEO rankings and all that, but some things are just more important.

UPDATE:  I'm also going to drop Patreon as soon as a decent replacement system is launched.

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