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A Little Mars Society/Robotics Update

Occasionally, I bump into people who are both interesting and who are interested some of the stuff I’ve described in conversation.  So some of these posts are basically for an audience of one in inspiration, but are probably of enough interest that anyone else who likes this site would enjoy them as well.  So anyway, Mike from the fly in breakfast this morning – this is for you.

I’m the Steering Committee Chair of The Mars Society. Our convention is coming up in Pasadena this August.  My abstracts for this coming year will involve reverse engineering how SpaceX does so much R&D so fast, and why Elon Musk is so “bad” at making predictions about when his rockets will be ready for launch.  The other talk is more of a handbook for preserving science while settling Mars and other places that may have native life, essentially by putting up a “dingo fence” at the microbial level between what humans do and what anything local may do.

You will soon be able to visit Mars Desert Research Station in VR if you have the headset, as well as explore roughly a square mile around the habitat.  You can do something similar right now with 360 views of the various facilities that are online for free just using your web browser.

The Mars Society runs an annual event called The University Rover Challenge.  Teams from universities all over the world compete with robots they have built to do various tasks in the Utah desert around MDRS. These competitors have gone from simple remote control carts to elaborate rovers worthy of any space agency.  Interestingly, Poland’s universities have a tendency to win this thing regularly.

Above is my “Hero shot” from my first trip to MDRS, over 14 years ago now.  Those are the first generation, custom made suits we had that were designed to be like the Apollo moon suits.  Yes, it really looks that much like Mars out there.  The geology is analogous as well, which is why we do so much Mars research out there for not only NASA, but many universities and other organizations.

Site Updates – Patreon, Spacesuits, and Plans

Lots of small updates. I've added a Patreon account so that people interested in this site can help sponsor it directly.  By showing support for this work, you help offset the costs of site improvements and make it easier to focus on new content. You also get a vote in what new content will be shown in this site.  In the sections on invention and entrepreneurship, I'll be adding a detailed analysis as to why I chose Patreon and what impact that has on being a start-up like MacroInvent. 

I've added a "dashboard" of key technologies for Space Exploration and Settlement.  Each challenge is color-coded green (for on track), yellow (for drifting off target) or red (may not be ready concurrently with other supporting technologies, and therefore may limit our capacity in space.)  I've skipped ahead to an article on the crisis with Spacesuits, because that's the first red on the list.  

Pardon Our Dust

The MacroInvent site is being updated

I'm in the process of converting the website to a professional design.  The new site will the features you expect from a professional site, like e-mail update subscriptions and video.   But the site itself will contain information and features I've not seen anywhere else.  I'm very excited to introduce this new system to the web.  And where better than on a site to help inventors and startups become the next generation of amazing enterprises

The internal deadline to finalize the professional layout is December 15.  After that, some of the more advanced services will be turned on as they are developed.

Stay tuned... 

Introducing MacroInvent

Let me teach you how to invent, to disrupt, to accelerate.



Introducing MacroInvent

Sunrise at Mars Desert Research Station during Greenhouse Construction Project

This site is devoted to teaching the fundamentals of becoming an inventor and entrepreneur. You may have heard Elon Musk refer to Platonic ideals with regard to Tesla car design, or discuss First Principles when reducing costs at Space-X. He understands that you must have a clear focus on ideals when building the best products. Those principles date back thousands of years. We’ll dig into the deeper history of how humans solve problems.

The motto of this site is “A million mini-Musks”.

That said, I don’t expect you to read this site, then immediately work eighty-hour weeks and become a billionaire by age 40.

But what if a few hundred or a few thousand people understood how to solve problems like the greatest inventors and entrepreneurs throughout history, including Elon Musk? What would the cumulative impact of all that creativity and focus be, particularly on those who could do so?

I’d like to find out. I’d like you to be one of those success stories.

The first book’s core content is completed under Invention and Mind. The next will be started in the coming months, and Invention and Mind will be expanded and published to Kindle.

Kent Nebergall