November 10, 2016

Introducing MacroInvent

Let me teach you how to invent, to disrupt, to accelerate.



Introducing MacroInvent

Sunrise at Mars Desert Research Station during Greenhouse Construction Project

This site is devoted to teaching the fundamentals of becoming an inventor and entrepreneur. You may have heard Elon Musk refer to Platonic ideals with regard to Tesla car design, or discuss First Principles when reducing costs at Space-X. He understands that you must have a clear focus on ideals when building the best products. Those principles date back thousands of years. We’ll dig into the deeper history of how humans solve problems.

The motto of this site is “A million mini-Musks”.

That said, I don’t expect you to read this site, then immediately work eighty-hour weeks and become a billionaire by age 40.

But what if a few hundred or a few thousand people understood how to solve problems like the greatest inventors and entrepreneurs throughout history, including Elon Musk? What would the cumulative impact of all that creativity and focus be, particularly on those who could do so?

I’d like to find out. I’d like you to be one of those success stories.

The first book’s core content is completed under Invention and Mind. The next will be started in the coming months, and Invention and Mind will be expanded and published to Kindle.

Kent Nebergall

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