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I've just spoken at The Mars Society Conference in Arizona.  While the stand-alone videos are not available online yet, I was fortunate to have spoken in the mainstage both times, which was live streamed and recorded.  The "Space Settlement Portfolio" page has the two video stream recordings fast-forwarded to when I start speaking.  I'll replace these links with the stand-alone videos when they are uploaded.  Transcript drafts are available now. 

This web site was simplified from the original blog format.  It is mainly the portfolio, guidelines for learning to be an inventor, and contact information.   If you would like to collaborate, consult with, or partner in my work, see the contact information below.  I'm using Linked In as my primary method of contact to minimize spam. 

My current work is focused on creating a foundational toolbox for inventors, inventions, start-up enterprises, technology revolutions, and productivity.  This is focused on giving inventors, investors, and start-up companies a jump start into the third space age.  Two books, and several business plans, and application development frameworks are on my workbench at the moment.  It's a bit like trying to build a V8 engine by yourself in a world where most engines are single cylinder two stroke chainsaw motors.  Any investment or honorarium that would let me quit my day job and be a full time Adeptus of the new space age would be dearly appreciated. 

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