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If you prefer to help sponsor this site and my work via singular donations via cryptocurrency, I've opened that up below.  Note that I am not (currently) a 501C3 so this is not a tax deduction, nor am I a security, NFT, etc.  This is here mainly as an experiment, though contributions are certainly welcome.

Bitcoin (Segwit - lower gas fees):  bc1q0z4vx45ysxmd8vfhfz6fv8fymr6j3xurmvjajh

Bitcoin (Legacy - broader compatibility):  16tktihnVztad5ppPidjX3YGVTLUAR7fui

Ethereum:  0x60a798A9f16A146279E1C17A6d2E4A27979A0413

Dogecoin:  DBJj7xiKfctixaR8w49mh8UL4y4SAcE755

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