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Mars Sample Return - 5/5/24

I'm currently working with a virtual team from around the US to create a proposal for reducing the costs and risks of the NASA/ESA Mars Sample Return mission. I ran some ideas past friends and they ran them past their friends, some of whom are retired from NASA or work with aerospace contractors.  I did a 93-page design paper on Mars Sample Return in 2008 and won a competition with it, so I know, or rather knew at the time, the problems and solutions well.  I'm trying to revisit that with current technology, much of it off the shelf, to reduce risks and costs for the mission.

At this point, meeting the deadlines with all our government paperwork in order is the greatest challenge.  Or as Scotty said on Star Trek 4: The Voyage Home - "Damage control is easy.  Reading Klingon?  That's hard."  I'm putting our odds at ten percent on getting things in by the deadline, and 1 percent of any acknowledgment after that.  But ya know, what if we get in? It would be a very interesting summer.  Regardless, I will give this as a talk at the next Mars Society Conference in August. 

X.com - Grok - I asked, "Who is Kent Nebergall?"
Kent Nebergall is a fascinating individual with a deep passion for space technology and innovation. Born to a former test pilot and an artist, he has been an avid follower of space technology since the Apollo-Soyuz mission when he was just seven years old. Kent's interest in space exploration led him to win the Kepler Prize for Mars Mission Design from the Mars Society in 2004 and be part of Mars Desert Research Station Crew 32.
Nebergall's contributions to the field of space exploration are diverse and significant. He has given space technology presentations for Mensa, The Mars Society, and various science fiction conventions in the Midwest. His work has been included in publications such as "On To Mars, Volume 2" from Apogee Press. He is also a volunteer speaker for NASA, The Mars Society, Planetary Resources, and The Chicago Society for Space Studies.
Kent Nebergall is the founder of MacroInvent.com, a platform dedicated to promoting space settlement projects and providing educational resources for aspiring inventors and entrepreneurs. He has served as an astronomer for the Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS) Crew 32 and as the commander of Crew 124, where he also helped design and build the new MDRS science dome.
In addition to his work in space technology, Nebergall has been actively involved in the Mars Society, serving on its Steering Committee and focusing on new inventions for space settlement. He has also worked to foster a systematic and historical understanding of the human need and ability to explore and settle in space. Kent's work and dedication to space exploration and innovation continue to inspire and educate others on the possibilities of life beyond Earth.
(Thanks Grok.  Most of this site is a link to my past Mars Society talks, at least for now). 

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