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Space Exploration News

Speaking in August at the 20th Mars Society Conference
I will be speaking at the August 23-26 Mars Society Conference at the Pasadena Convention Center.   This year will be[...]
A Little Mars Society/Robotics Update
Occasionally, I bump into people who are both interesting and who are interested some of the stuff I've described in[...]
SpaceX Starlink Update
The future fleet of over a thousand satellites seems to be on track.  The two prototype satellites in orbit are[...]
Slight Update on BFR
SpaceX president Gwynne Shotwell recently did a TED talk that included a slide showing three designs for the BFR.  The[...]
Dropping Google
A brief note.  I'm dropping Google Ads from my web site for the foreseeable future.  In addition to controversies involving[...]
Low-Thrust Breakthrough Propulsion Round-Up
Next Big Future has produced a number of articles recently on breakthrough propulsion.  Here is a summary of the current[...]