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Mars Society 2020 Virtual Convention
Due to the current pandemic, the Mars Society conference was held virtually this year. It was also free. Consequently, a[...]
Construction Update
I recently updated my WordPress version, but apparently my original (third party) theme does not work with the latest version[...]
Mars Colony Design Update
While it was an honor to get to the top ten finalists out of one hundred entries, I did not[...]
Eureka: My Mars Settlement for 1000 People
I've entered a design in the Mars Colony Prize from The Mars Society.  This competition focuses not only on the technical aspects of[...]
Yet Another BFS Set of Changes from SpaceX – Some Speculation
UPDATES (12/9/2018): The basic layout of the ship will remain the same. So most of the speculation below is off. [...]
What is Space Force?
Here is the short version. There is a lot of concern about Russia and China working on hypersonic weaponry, primarily[...]