Invention.  Entrepreneurship. Exploration.

Space independence, one inventor at a time.

Microgravity and NearsightednessMicrogravity has various negative impacts on health. ¬†While bone and muscle loss are the most well known and dangerous, they[...]Read More Mars Soil Toxic?Read More NASA Sponsoring Small Nuclear Power Projects for MarsNASA is currently developing prototypes of small nuclear power plants for use in robotic and crewed missions.  While this work[...]Read More Paying for Affordable Launch: OneWebOneWeb (Google's satellite constellation) is preparing to manufacture three satellites a day.  While Elon Musk's high speed internet constellation is[...]Read More DNA Experiment launched to ISSThe latest Falcon 9/Dragon resupply mission to ISS contains a small experiment to evaluate the effect of space radiation in[...]Read More ISS Inflatable Habitat Getting Radiation ExperimentRead More 

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