The first book deals with the point of contact between the inventor's mind and the ideas that become inventions. The mind is the instance - the spark gap where the electricity of consciousness and the chemical fuel of material fire to generate work. This book will be expanded and published to Kindle when completed.

MacroInvent (Noun):  A creative system that envelopes the entirety of the invention process, from educating the future inventor in how to come up with inventions, to fostering technology revolutions spawned by complex ecosystems of new technologies.MacroInvent (Verb): To clearly see trends and tools, recognize needs and opportunities, and have the mental workbench to quickly fulfill those needs and benefit from those opportunities.



First Principles

or what does Elon Musk mean when he uses this term, and how has it made him successful?

Learn By Doing

or why are the best engineers such good mechanics, and what does neurology have to do with it?

Grammar and Invention

or what does a classical education tell us about how the mind invents?

Moonshot Thinking

or why does a billionaire believe that Silicon Valley thinking can cure cancer?

Form and Substance

or what do Aristotle, Dante, Linux, and 3D printers have to do with each other?



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