October 17, 2017

Videos and slides added from my Mars Society talks at Irvine, CA

Video of my talks at UC Irvine for the Mars Society are now available on YouTube.  The slides are in the description and in the comments thread on those YouTube links. 
For a list of all videos available, see the Videos and Other Content page. 

Risk Reduction Missions for Space Settlement

While the early stages of the NewSpace revolution are in place, what projects could be done to expand human activity into deep space as soon as possible, with minimal cost and risk?  This talk examines a few options that could be launched in the next few years. 

PDF of Presentation

Rapid Space Development and the NewSpace Technology Revolution

This presentation examines the nature of technology revolutions, and the nature of the next revolution in space technology.  It goes on to predict the nature of our expansion into the solar system, using principles from past technology revolutions. 

PDF of Presentation

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