November 11, 2017

Site Updates - Patreon, Spacesuits, and Plans

Lots of small updates. I've added a Patreon account so that people interested in this site can help sponsor it directly.  By showing support for this work, you help offset the costs of site improvements and make it easier to focus on new content. You also get a vote in what new content will be shown in this site.  In the sections on invention and entrepreneurship, I'll be adding a detailed analysis as to why I chose Patreon and what impact that has on being a start-up like MacroInvent. 

I've added a "dashboard" of key technologies for Space Exploration and Settlement.  Each challenge is color-coded green (for on track), yellow (for drifting off target) or red (may not be ready concurrently with other supporting technologies, and therefore may limit our capacity in space.)  I've skipped ahead to an article on the crisis with Spacesuits, because that's the first red on the list.  

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